I have met so many new people in the last 5 years since Lindy passed. Guess grief has made me a more open, sharing kinda guy. When it comes up in conversation, most people seem really intrigued with all aspects of my journey. I met several new people skiing this weekend and while getting to know them I was told by someone that my life seemed filled with a lot of serendipitous moments. I had to look that word up because I wasn’t sure of the exact connotation. I agree with her. A lot of my life since her death has been filled with accidental, desirable discoveries. I call it divine favor from Jesus. 
While I believe everything that has happened since her death, Lindy had a hand in somehow, someway. I believe we are who we are because of who we let in the closest part of our lives. I feel most times that Lindy’s influence on who I am is still something I lean on, often. I also believe I was led to Julie Cox because of who Lindy helped me become, as well as, by divine grace. As I laid flowers on her grave and looked at her headstone this cold gray morning, I am still teary-eyed that she is gone, but my heart is warmed by the beautiful memories I have of her, and the inspiration she left me to “pack-it-all in” between my dashes on my head stone. 
I will live life to the fullest; go on as many adventures as we can, build new memories with my amazing wife Julie, and i will live life to the fullest; leaving nothing on the table. Today and everyday I celebrate Lindy’s life, and I know she is happy that I am now happy too.

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