Love, Always

When you marry a person after five years of wave-on-wave courtship, you have a lot to be thankful for when she chooses you. Lindy was the culmination of all I ever wanted. We lived a fairytale marriage, in-spite of her tragic departure. Seeing the last spirit leave her body made me want to wander off into death. In most ways I did.

Two years to the date of her death, while in a drunken stupor in the beautiful Sierra Nevada’s, I had a spark of hope happen. I met, or should I say connected in cyber space with someone who gave me hope. Hope I could at least feel again. After 45 days of chatting ever single day, sometimes a dozen times a day, I got excited to meet her in person. Flew to Orange County, California and we hit it off chemically from the first time I got in her black X5 BMW at he airport. I felt like I had known her for years! I was so excited to be excited again. 

One year later, we are engaged to spend our life together! LIFE IS BEYOND SURREAL TO ME!

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