1st Time in Paris

What a day. Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad. Peaceful. Sad & Glad to be Going Home. No Doubt. With mixed emotions on my trip ending in Paris (and its timing), I am happy I came here. It has been said by many and felt by me that my Lindy Bullock-Cox was “with me” and here the whole time. For a little piece (peace) of closure today, it happened, a little I would say:) Had a magnificent day exploring Paris the way “we would have”, minus the 2-3 hour walking breaks she would have insisted on! (Almost bought a dog! Ollie and Sassy would have not been happy. Dog had her traveling papers and all tho!) Chocolate crepe, per John John Pedigo suggestion to start the day. Louve was closed but the Orsay museum, also his suggestion, was great, and it was open. A little Monet, Manet and a little tipeetipeedayday does the heart good. Tried the Catacombs but dang the line was 4 hours long. With one day in Paris, too much to see to wait! I really wanted to see this!!!! Soaked it all in. Had a personal moment to mark the end of my journey. I’m satisfied and I pray I will find the same peace when I get home. Flight home Du matin at 10:40 am. Thank you guys for all the moral support. I can’t say that enough. Amour et paix, Michael

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