Last Day in Gijón

Tomorrow is my last day in Gijon and I will be hitting the trail again. This city is a jewel and i get why Haylee Ryan chose this place to live and teach for a bit. It will be hard to leave the creature comforts. The trade off is i have too much time when Im wake up in the middle of the night, cant get back to sleep and read the box of letters Lindy Bullock-Cox and I wrote each other over the last year. It sinks in more with each letter I read.

Haylee Ryan has being such an angel & great listener and we seem to share the same values on key issues. Happy Cindy suggested this break. (You guys will love this place when you visit in March by the way)

Good night. I will try for a few more hours sleep as it is 6 am here. This is about the time I usually hit the trail!

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