Day 9-12: He-own! (Gijón) Now Gone

I was finally coached today from Haylee, yet again, on how to pronounce the name of this town after 3 and a half days! Haylee Ryan and I had a goodbye (for now) lunch at a nice French place (Pomme Cuite). She was an incredible host and I really enjoyed the distraction during the day from the beautiful beach and when she could get away from work. (Thank you Haylee for spending as much time as you could with your work schedule. I never felt alone. I am now a fan of this city, minus the more-than-Seattle-gets-in a year daily rain fall! The times the sun came out, along with your kindred spirit made this RnR worth while. I learned a lot from you, and I mean that. Words cannot describe how comfortable you made me feel in your home. Gonna miss the morning eggs and toast!)

Haylee and her friends Lucas Bischofberger & Allison McCann were a lot of fun at dinner last night. We had tex-mex at a Nacho Libre themed restaurant and watched Super Porky get bashed by a plethora of metal chairs from the Grim Reaper! Good times indeed and surprisingly good tex-mex. Thanks guys for the camaraderie (and for showing me the greatness if Siderias a few days prior).

Walking the beaches, the old town and through the Iglesias, I found some solace. What I found more was how much more I really missed Lindy because of all the dressed up dogs! She would have been right at home here in this beach town (during he warmer months) with all the shopping but more importantly she would have loved that nearly every dog was dressed up! My heavens she lived to dress Ollie and Sassy up in sweaters, rain gear, Halloween costumes and Santa hats!

Good RnR but I was ready to get back to the trail. Decided against the northern route due to weather and lack of hotels/hostels open and I am now taking a bus back to the main vein of the Camino Francés. I will resume the trail in Astorgas. I am a little homesick but every time I think of going home I get sick at my stomach knowing there is no one in our home to go home to, except our four-legged kiddos, who i now I miss immensely after Gijón.

Just arrived in Astorga. This ciudad is incredible. The snow is just now melting on the plazas; kids are playing; people are friendly. Reminds me of a ski town, but 500 years older! This is a good place to start back on the Camino.

Until I finish my day mañana.

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