The Three Ladies I am Most Grateful for Everyday

It goes without saying that I am incredibly blessed with June in our world, but without the circumstances unfolding the way they did, she wouldn’t be here this Thanksgiving, if ever. This is the first Thanksgiving without my mom, and I cry tears mixed with joy and sadness. I have joy in knowing her passing was the impetus for us implanting the embryo one month after she passed. I am also thankful that she knew June would become a reality for me before she went to Heaven. When Julie was pregnant, my mom’s journal confirmed that she knew because God prompted her years prior that June was coming. Grateful to her journal as it helped often reassure us that she, indeed, would become a reality 

I am thankful for my mother, and I am grateful most for June. However, the person who deserves the mountains of my thankfulness, and not only at Thanksgiving, is Julie. She embodies every.little.thing. I hope June becomes. She is strong, confident, selfless, and loves unconditionally. Julie cares for this little girl to no end. She is the best mother a child could ever want. For this, I am forever Thankful.

I am the most blessed and grateful guy to have [had] these three ladies in my life! 

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  1. This is a beautiful tribute to the women in your life. God has blessed your family greatly, and He’s not done yet. I love you and Dennis so enjoyed you in Sunday school and Royal Rangers.

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