This is a tough song to cover because it has been covered by some great ones including the Beatles. How dare I! The day before Lindy passed I was looking on her Pandora channel list and she had a Hallelujah channel. I turned it on to Jeff Buckley’s version. It moved me. We put it into her video eulogy. I hadn’t listened to it that closely before but the way that John Pedigo put the video together, and him taking a black and white wedding picture of her and having it turn to color at the end of the song was very heart-stirring. I later downloaded while hiking in Spain. I didn’t realize that I had downloaded Leonard Cohen’s version. I loved it even more, and why shouldn’t I? He is the writer of the song. The more I listened to the lyrics, the more I felt each verse told Lindy and mine story. I then was told about a book written about the song called The Holy or Broken. After reading the book, I learned there was 90 verses written to this song. I picked out the 5 verses that I felt depicted us. I like my arrangement:)



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