When Lindy and I first met she told me not to get her flowers on Valentines day. She said, “only suckers fall for the nearly triple-the-price roses on amateur love day!” She said, “a fellow ought to be smarter with his money than that. Beside, you get no closer to what your after! I saw your band. I saw what you do!” “Ha. Like that’s what I’m after from you!!”, I told her  “You apparently wasn’t paying attention to my moves on stage! Women are a dime a dozen at our shows. But, a real woman like you never comes around”, I politely explained in my twangiest voice.

She very modestly drawls, “besides, I celebrate Easter. The presents are better and it means more to me to see a guy celebrate a day not commercialized for couples .” So I waited till Easter to woo her with candy. (I still have always got her flowers. Found out  later her favorite rose was sterling).

That first year that we were dating we went to Mass, (which bored me silly) then to the park to Easter egg hunt with Sassy, then ultimately Ollie joined when he entered the equation, then back home to open our Easter baskets. Boy did I underbuy the first year! She took this Easter basket thing serious! She gave me ties, dress shirts, a watch, Starbuck’s gift card, and lots of funny knick knacks from Froggy’s Five and Dime. All this barely scratches the surface of what she got me. I only got her tons of candy! I mean lots of it! Yikes! Did I feel stupid? I fixed it the next year. I took us, and the dog(s) to San Antonio riverwalk. Whew! Saved this one. She probably should have kicked this idiot to the curb. S.A. soon become our yearly tradition for Easter weekend.

I miss this holiday with her so much. It will never be the same. (It hit me harder than last year at the cemetery today). Sure, I will still Easter egg hunt with the doggies, but it just won’t be the same without her. Toni Collins and her kids were nice enough to accompany me last year with
the hunt. This year I will introduce Rigatoni to our household tradition. I will try to keep our traditions alive.


Happy Easter to everyone. Enjoy this holiday with your family. Take a silent moment and think about how lucky you are to enjoy this weekend with the ones you hold dear. Remember also, the reason we celebrate Easter. Its not the chocolate bunnies you get! (Do they even still make those)? Its because He died, rose again, and lives that I will get to see my beautiful wife again. I know that it’s Jesus I should be focused on, but right now I have blinders on and just want to kiss my wife again…Have a great weekend 

A song off my tribute album to Lindy

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