I have had a lot of reflecting today over the importance of what I do with my life. I reflect on the life my wife lived and I stand in awe of her fortitude with her directive.

True. She was an accomplished women in her own right; True. She was a great-great giver; True. She believed in the under dog in almost every fight. I ask myself. What did it all mean?

She would have been 42 today. Her life was extraordinary with the emphasis on extra. I have learned more than I can talk about here from the example her life gifted me. I think mostly about the last month of her life. She was the most open and the most vulnerable person I have met. It was pure beauty. It was a true, genuine gift to me.

I ask God why she was taken? More often than breathing I wanted to know why she was plucked from my life. Recently I quit asking why. I started connecting the proverbial dots. Her life made my life more meaningful. She gave me the perspective that she always wanted me to have, but I was too narrow minded to comprehend.

While she did wonderful, incredible, notable things in her short life, nothing, in my eyes, is more notable than her waking me up to treasuring my every breath. It’s what I do with my every breath that makes this true gift true. Time will tell. I feel it will tell a favorable tale for me and for us.

I love every fabric of her very being. I pray that on the day I am called home, I have the courage, bravery and peace she had. I truly want to reflect on my life on my death bed and say, “I finished the race; I have kept the faith”. I can’t wait to see her and share that smile together of understanding about what this life was truly all about.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life, Lindy Bullock-Cox. Your influence on my life and the memories we share will never fade. You gave me a gift on your birthday. You sharing your incredible life with me is a better gift than I could have ever given you.

Forever in love and forever grateful,
Your husband

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