Day 8: Granny Good for the Soul & Tempo

The hostel was a good experience last night. Stayed up talking to the proprietor of the place. Learned he spent some time in Sonoma selling some wine widget. He couldn’t make me understand what it was so I am assuming that’s why he is back in Los Arcos running a hostel.

Got up first this morning at 5:45 and drug my pack and sleeping bag into the common area to do my routine inventory and packing. I was out the door and outta town. Came to a fork in the road and couldn’t find the yellow arrow. Unfortunately the flash light I bought is only a black light. Don’t plan on starting a nightclub anytime soon so I ditched it. Outta no where a flash light came on. It was grandma Valeria. (I learned that this is the correct pronunciation last night). “You having directional issue Texas”?

Wow! I couldn’t believe she not only was out of the hostel but caught up with me

Viana was the destination for most of us today. Seeing her pace, I tried to keep up. We had several great conversations and she is witty women. We talked about God. I asked her what type of church does she go to and she said, “Anglo- Catholic. “What’s the difference?”, I asked. She said, ” less rules”. “And you?”, she asked. I said, ” I just trust God these days. It’s a renewed thing I’m doing”. She said, “well trust God but tether your camel”.

We proceed to talk about her husband’s final days with his struggle with lung cancer. She told me I have no clue how blessed you and you wife had it with the 3-4 weeks of suffering. Her husband suffered 3 months in hospice.

I asked how they met and what he did? She said he was 14 years younger than her and he was a roadie for Deep Purple (pre Smoke on the Water). Post that he took up being a printer.

I failed to mention that we started today with snow flurries that turned into big heavy snow flaked the first 4 hours of the walk. I asked her, “how cold do you think it is?” And she said “6 degrees below, at least that is what the farmacia clock said leaving town. “What! Wow I am really getting numb to this whole thing”. After about 20 minutes of silence she said, “did you think I meant Fahrenheit?”. “Uh yes.” She said, “wow. I forget you Americans haven’t assimilate to the metric system yet!”

We made it to the first ciudad, Sansol. Nothing was open in Los Arcos and we were both hungry and craving coffee. This nice man, Picchu opened his Tienda for us and fixed us both 2 cafe con leches. I refilled my water, had an orange, a red bull and several chewable sugar balls shaped like little water melons. Valeria said, “watch out Texas is a out to launch off!” About that time Teresa, the little Korean girl peeked in the window. Now it’s a party.

After leaving Picchu, we all walked about 100+ yards (91.44 meters) segregated from each other. Granny always in front and me bringing up the tail.

Snow started coming down harder. About a mile out of Viana the sun tried to peak through the clouds. We hit Viana, our intended destination for the day, by 12:15. We sat down for some lunch and contemplated going to Logrono. I said, “Hellz ya! I have been trying to get there since day one! I naively thought I could do it day one put of Pamplona”. (Man. I am such an amateur)! “Lets do it” we all said.

We hit Logrono by 2. Man this city is big. Checked into the Albergue and I proceed to look for a train to Gijon where Cindy’s friend lives. Nothing. No train, plain or automobile. Texted Haylee and said that there was nothing till Monday. I told her I was really looking forward to seeing a semi familiar face. I was kinda sad.

About an hour ago she text me and said she found a bus that left at 4:35 am tonight and arrives in her town at 11 am. I am soo happy. I will spend 1-2 with her and then start the northern route of the Camino. I have clocked just under 100 miles thus far. I will proceed to a spot 2 days from Santiago. I will walk from there to St.James grave and go another 10 miles to the ocean. I have something personal I want to do there.

Thank you Brie for the Note From Heaven today. It made me feel warm inside and made me cry the same. I have realized that I will shed 1,000,000 tears over her. I pray by the end of this journey that I can accept that. Getting over this is not an option I’m afraid.

I miss everyone. My family, friends and our 4 legged kiddos. My heart is still heavy and empty. Praying I can withstand coming home to “our house” when it is time.

Ciao till I start walking again

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