Day 2: False Start

Couldn’t sleep last night until about 6 am this morning. I got up, repacked my backpack, put it on and checked out of my hotel. Walked 15 blocks to the tren station and missed the tren to Paloma to start my trek (good dry run with the backpack!).

Well God had other plans! Apparently I hadn’t seen enough of Barcelona yet. I checked back into the same room and explored. So glad I did. I was able to see the Sagrada Familia Basilica. When Lindy and I were in Florence we were enamored by Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. She would have loved the Sagrada. I walked most of Barcelona and now I’m at the beautiful Port of Barcelona having my daily devotional (with a glass of vino), looking over the coast, missing Lindy. I am learning to embrace the peace God is trying to give me. I know he holds my right hand and Lindy, my angel, holds my left. That gives me peace. Tomorrow I hope to catch the tren and begin my walk. But tonight I will enjoy Barcelona night air.

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