My Music

Digipak 4P 1CD

From the Album L by Michael Paul Cox for my late wife, Lindy

A link to a few of the songs I wrote, with an amateur video


Three days after I buried Lindy, I flew to Spain to go on, what I see now as, a quest for an answer to why she was taken out of my life. Only a book could begin to scratch the surface of what I experienced on that 200-mile-plus pilgrimage. I relived very important memories Lindy and I shared. From the best meeting story ever, to our fairytale wedding in Italy, to the final breaths she took, she was just, without a doubt, the most incredible soul I have ever known, much less had the privilege to call my wife.

While in Spain hiking the Camino de Compostela, I wrote several songs. I decided that my sanity would be saved through recording our story. Truth is, it’s turned out to be the best therapy as I journeyed back down the path she and I took. And as hard as it was, the tears seemed to wash away some of the sting her death gave me. I just love her so much, and I feel privileged to show that to her, and to everyone, in an album she would be very proud of for me. This album weaves its way through my life prior to her, our marriage together, the grief that comes from losing your soulmate, to the joy of surrending my life back to God.

Lindy, this is my gift to you. Only hope that you will tell me you’re proud when I see you again at Heaven’s gates. (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)

Till then,

Your Loving Husband

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