After ignoring Lindy’s plea for me to get on shots for my MS, I finally was forced to. It has been out of sight, out of mind since 2005-2006.I haven’t had any real episodes until this past December. I went paralyzed in the left side of my body for about a week. Lost complete use of my left arm, and my left leg dragged worse that a zombies. I was so overwhelmed with the help I received from friends and family, especially since it was through Christmas, that I decided to re launch my charity; Musicians Fighting MS. With mild success I 2007, I decided to focus all the fundraising money on helping those that have MS that aren’t as fortunate as me to be taken care of with the basics: Food, housework, errands, bills, etc. Check back, as we will be having some solid bands that will help us fundraise. The aim is to not raise money, rather put on great events, with great bands, and by default the money will take care of itself!

Stay tuned


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