Day 3: 03/18/13!

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Yep that is what my tren ticket said as I heard the tren ticket taker say “Billete no válido!” That I understood! I didn’t sleep all night; upgraded my tren ticket online last night; printed my boarding pass at the concierge before leaving; took a cab to the tren station to be early and sat there for 45 minutes before they opened for boarding! My heart dropped when i heard that! When I upgraded my ticket to a premium ticket online the night before, I hit March not February. They fixed it and I made it to Pamplona! Whew! The walk was about 10 miles from tren station to Pamplona city center. Haven’t slept since 3 pm yesterday so I got a room and slept all day. The weight of the backpack is taking some getting used to. (Where is Danny Noonan when you need him!).
I will explore Pamplona tomorrow, get my pasaporte de pelligrino for the Camino and proceed to walk.

The beginning route I am taking is as follows (so that my mother knows where I am:): Pamplona to Logrono to Burgos, and I will update where from there.

Today was harder than most emotionally. I think in part because I was so exhausted from no sleep. After my moving evening devotional, I am now sitting across from the bull fighting ring from the Sun Also Rises drinking a vino and listening to the remainder of the book.

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