Day 146: Eazy Peazy

Larrasoaña to Pamplona to Cizur Menor was an easy walk in theory. Sometime yesterday my left knee seem to have a massive throbbing pain in it every time I went down hill. Came outta of no where.

It was a nice walk by the river most of the day. We left Larrasoaña at 7:15 am. We stopped in St Fermion outside of Pamplona so I could buy some “running with the bulls” scarfs. Strolled around the big walls that used to protect Pamplona; crossed the drawbridge, attacked Pamplone like Emir Abd ar-Rahman II in the 1st Century, but was captured by Meteorite John calling our name from the watchtower tower. Meteorite John was waiting for us for about 45 minutes atop the Pamplona wall! He missed us! Ahh…He left us in Larrasoaña with a girl, Bruna, who he “might” have been sweet on!

We found the nearest patio who had Whifee and I booked my tren ticket for Friday to Barcelona while they went shopping. Two hours later we were walking the path outta of town. We were stopped by a gypsy who was trying to read Manuela’s (formally spelled Manwella by my redneck spelling) hands and she finally called buuulshits and we kept marching on.

Headed past the Torro arena and I got a picture for my friend Richmond Logan. He was trying to get me to do it last time I was here, but I let him down. This picture wasn’t the best but it will have to do! Had the red sashes on and climbed the wooden bull fences to have my pic taken by Manuela. We walked past the hotel I stayed at last time and I was able to navigate us from there almost out of Pamplona. Henrique and I bought some wine pouches and we were looking for some cheap wine to fill them with. We succeeded! 

I saw the sign I missed last time that caused my first day to be a full-on disaster so I chopped it down! Ha! I wish I had something to chop it down with!

Meteor John, myself and Team Brasil had a great, slow walk out of town to Cizor Munor listening to Thrift Shop! The Albergue there was really nice. It was very communish. We saw EVERBODY we knew from the original bus ride it was another superb evening. I met Bruna from Brazil, who Meteorite John raves about and we all chipped in for dinner. She is a teacher in Brasil for Canadian kids. Very sweet and fun to talk to. I really enjoy this trip in a different frame of mind. It was the next morning that got me. 

[-I had major flashbacks from L’s deaths the more the trail got familiar. Still enjoy every moment as if I was revisiting something cherished-]

Manuela cooked amazing Espaguete (spaghetti) last night and we all sat outside and ate and had wine. Espaguete and bread in about 65 degree weather (with a slight wind) was muy bueno. We just talked and laughed so late that the proprietor (old Japanese lady) came out to shush us! “Eweey juan shleeping…ssshhh!”, is all we all heard! Nice lady though and very nice Alberque. Wish I could remember the name so I can give it a plug for future pilgrims.

No big lesson today, just good camaraderie with new friends who seem like old friends. So glad that I am doing the extra day; the day I screwed up last time. Really nice.

Ciao for now,

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